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I am on this planet to tell stories. I love concrete. Abstract sounds. William Blake. Trakl. Expressionism and Brutalism. I rather read books about theoretical physics instead of novels. I am afraid that free will is an illusion and reality is most probably deterministic. I still dont understand the concept of chaos at all and I haven't found anybody who can explain it to me. I wish there would be chaos but I am afraid chaos is just a synonym for an effect with an unknown cause. I understood the fifth dimension (or the fourth space dimension like some scientist say) and the nonlinear nature of time for the first time when I was looking at my novel and when I thought, well, these characters in my story are heading toward the end without knowing what this ending will be like, but to me as the author (or reader), looking down on the time and space continuum of this novel I can see the beginning and the ending at the same time. As a kid I always thought how great and exiting it must have been, to life in the 60s or the 20s at a time when everything was changing but now I realise I live in an era where the biggest change of all time is happening. Its happening right now and right here and we are sitting in the first row. I htink that is pretty wild. I doubt that we will ever figure out why homo sapiens do create art and why art seems to be the only thing we preserve and worship througout the centuries even though art seems to be totally worthless at the same time. Also I think as an artist you should serve art and dont misuse art for spreading political or social ideas or moral statements because I think art is sacred and we should worship it as such.

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